1. My Spouse, my friend by Ingiete Oyama is a book about God’s intention for instituting the concept of marriage, its purpose, and its guidelines. The book is Bible-based. The author manages to cover every aspect of marriage, including love, sensuality, submission, finances, disagreements, forgiveness, and dealing with changes in marriage life, just to mention a few. She has explained the roles of both men and women in marriage, giving answers to the many unanswered questions that couples have. She shows that couples can cultivate friendship and enjoy the ride as they work together towards the common goal of fulfillment in marriage as well as raising a solid cheerful family. I like the professionalism, maturity, and wealth of knowledge and wisdom presented in the book by the author. When one reads the book, it is evident that a professional must have written it. I additionally like the way the book covers every sphere of marriage, exhausting the points well. Furthermore, I like the way the author has used stories of real people to drive points home; this has made the book interesting to read. The only thing I don’t like about the book is that it only covers the Christian concept of marriage, and since marriage happens to both Christians and non-Christians, this wealth of wisdom would have been useful to all. Because of the professionalism, maturity, and wealth of wisdom presented in the book, not to mention that the book is professionally edited, I rate this book, My Spouse, my friend, 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to all couples, newlyweds, and all those aspiring to get married, it will help them find the many answers that people are looking for in marriage and also help them be intentional in making their marriages work as well as building happy and fulfilling marriages. Rosemary Mungai *****
  2. My Spouse, My Friend by Ingiete Oyama is an excellent physiological, mental, emotional, and super-guiding book that aims at conspiring hope, respect, and understanding of purpose regarding marriage and what the couples would and should do in marriage. The narrative and its plot are primarily focused on marriage and its does and dons. The author uses her knowledge to comprehend this well-written text and showcase the real meaning of marriage and its purpose. The story flinches significantly with a wonderful description of marriage as individuals might interpret it considering the Bible. Marriage life has gotten worse and is currently coming under attack from the devil. The true purpose of marriage, as intended by the Lord, has been lost on people. To draw readers’ attention to this material, the author freely draws on her own life experience. People in this world, especially couples, have never thought through and comprehended the purpose of marriage as they look for hope in relationships today. Following a thorough explanation of what it really means, the author next discusses how it relates to the Bible. As a result, after a wonderful demonstration of marriage, the book proceeds to highlight obvious real-life difficulties that are absent in most relationships. I was so taken by the narration that I thought the book was speaking directly to me. The prevailing narrative in the 21st century is that marriages are certainly under attack from the devil; many couples don’t even understand the significance and goal of God’s purpose for marriage and hence enter it purely for the purpose of satisfying their sexual desires. Second, the Bible verses that accompanied the narrative piqued my interest to the point that I felt as though I was reading the holy books. I found nothing bad to say about the book because I was so involved in the text and its massage that it drove more real-life science. The Bible scripture and the message are both excellent. I award the book My Spouse, My Friend five stars out of five due to its strong message, original ideas, and authentic coming-of-age story. Second, the book’s flow and style are excellent, and the utilization of the scripture contributed to the book’s realism. Third, the situations move quickly and smoothly, which makes the novel easier to read. Finally, the book was flawlessly edited to improve the flow and draw the reader in. Due to the numerous shortcomings listed above, I strongly advise all spouses and newlywed couples to read this text. The ideas presented here will help them live in peace and accomplish God’s purpose for marriage. Christine Kwamboka *****
  3. My Spouse, my friend. regular text. by Ingiete Oyama is a book about marriage. It details the true purpose of marriage according to the scriptures and how to navigate through marriage to make it successful. The book gives instructions and advice on how to love genuinely to care for your fellow spouse, commit to each other, and overcome challenges inherent to marriage. This book is a couple’s guide to a successful marriage, primarily based on scripture from the bible. The book contained many positive aspects and recommendations for me. It first gives you the true purpose and definition of marriage according to scripture, which is very important because sometimes we have warped views of marriage. The book gets honest with you about how truly marriage is and is not what is depicted in various media sources. We get told that marriage is teamwork and requires much dedication to succeed. You are not alone in this endeavor; you are with your spouse, and you should consider their personality and flaws and work with them to become better individuals who team together to make the union of marriage a success. There is an emphasis on the equality of the spouses in the eyes of the Lord but with specific roles to play in the marriage to complement each other. One important thing that is also said is to love yourself first before loving someone else. You cannot expect to get married to fill a void inside of you. You should first love yourself to be a better spouse. The most significant relationship you can have, is with yourself, which is gold to me. The notion that the husband should lord it over his spouse to be considered a true leader is dispelled. A true leader is someone empathetic to another’s needs and wouldn’t want what’s done wrongly to others to be done to him, and this notion applies in the marriage union. The book dispels all wrong, selfish expectations and distortions of love and marriage and is as much about the other spouse as it is about you alone. When you are married, your priority should be your spouse, and you should love them with the love of the Lord, as shown in Ephesians 5:2. It is not easy to love truly according to this sacrificial love that the Lord exhibited in Ephesians 5:2, because of our humanly selfish nature. But, with the help of the Lord, it is possible. Marriage is a 100% commitment from both spouses, and the marriage vows are taken for life. Communication of feelings and expectations is essential in the marriage union. It is indispensable to attaining a healthy, fulfilling, and committed marriage. Transparency is a vital part of communication. To be transparent, both spouses must resolve to be as open as possible to each other. There is a big emphasis on friendship and companionship between spouses. Spouses should strive to form strong bonds of friendship in the marriage and rely on the Lord for counsel. Love alone cannot see a marriage through. The Lord is to be the guide and firm foundation of a marriage. Spouses should rely on the Lord as they rely on a manual for a particular machine or appliance whenever they encounter a problem. The Lord is the creator of the institution of marriage; who better to go to for solutions to problems encountered in marriage? His solutions are the best manual. Commit your ways to the Lord God; he will help you succeed in your marriage and build functional, godly families. There are not many negatives in this book, according to my view. Most of the recommendations are to achieve a functional and successful marriage. It gives you the real deal about marriage and not a sugar-coated version. But there are a few misquoted bible verses which must be corrected. It is said that we should love ourselves and our image because we are all created in the image and likeliness of God. Spouses should appreciate their companion’s physique as it is, which is noble. Physical traits, to me, are essential but not the be-all of marriage. So it would be best if you were with someone you find at least physically attractive in some way because the body makes children, not the spirit. I’ll give this book by Ingiete Oyama a solid Regular text. 4 out of 5. Regular text. stars. This book provides a wholesome and dignified meaning to the institution of marriage, which has been attacked in society recently. It is based on scripture, which gives it a strong foundation. I believe the Lord is the actual creator of the institution of marriage. The book is not perfect because it is not for everyone. This book is well suited for couples who are either already married, dating, courting, or fiancés wishing to get married, or even single individuals who aspire to marriage, believe in the bible, and want to have successful marriages. Didier Hosea *****
  4. We are in love with the idea of love, especially the romantic love depicted in movies and novels, which portrays marriage as a breeze. Often, this depiction falls short and clashes with the love that is enduring and is supposed to stand the test of time in our marriages.” Ingiete Oyama did a beautiful job of sharing her views on marriage as an institution. Reading this book will help readers understand the original intent God had for marriage and will help Christian couples become more intentional about becoming friends and loving each other. My Spouse, My Friend by Ingiete Oyama is a non-fiction book that clearly explains, with a generous use of Biblical references, the true concept of marriage from the Bible as well as God’s original intent. She goes further to explain some of the factors that play huge roles in the way a marriage would likely turn out, some of which she mentioned are friends, finances, unforgiveness, commitment, and balance, as well as sensuality. The author goes on to point out that for a marriage to be successful and fun, there has to first be love between the couple and then the intentionality to commit to one another. They have to be willing to talk things out, and one partner shouldn’t feel more entitled than the other because of a specific duty or role he or she handles. She goes on to highlight practical examples with biblical references that would help any Christian marriage overcome current or future trials, which would in turn lead to a healthy marriage and home. I personally loved her description of the Trio: Wife, husband, and God, where she talked about how God needs to be at the centre of any marriage for it to flourish. She pointed out the importance of committing all of one’s affairs to God, including marriage, and said that one can rest assured that things will turn out perfectly if they do that. I also admired the fact that Ingiete Oyama was very firm about her beliefs about how love and forgiveness with God at the centre can give you a nearly perfect home. You could tell that she believed every bit of the words she wrote about; you could feel the passion with which she wrote about them, and I found them captivating. However, no matter how captivated I was by this piece, I do feel like it was a bit too long. I noticed a couple of repetitions with concepts that had already been pointed out before. Although I understand that it could have been for the purpose of emphasis, it would have been great to have had a shorter piece on this one. Especially because it’s one I would love to read again when I’m married. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars, and my reason is because of the issues I had with it, as stated in the last paragraph. I also found a couple of grammatical errors with missing prepositions. However, I don’t think they are reason enough to hinder the comprehensive reading of this piece. I strongly believe that this book was professionally edited. I strongly recommend this book to Christian adults who are up to the age of courtship and to couples who are currently courting, engaged, or already married. This book is an eye-opener to what God’s original intent for marriage was and what the journey ahead would be like. It also recommends ways to solve these issues, with references from the Bible to back up each recommendation. I’m positive you’ll find this to be a great read. Caso 001*****
  5. My spouse, my friend by Ingiete Oyama is a non-fiction novel that will help bring back the fun in marriage, where couples can be themselves and are not afraid to laugh freely with each other, and reinstates friendship, abundant love and understanding between all couples. The author defines marriage as a union between two people that is intended to create or lead to some intimacy wherein the two become one. Marriage reflects their integrity and determination to be united in a sacred bond and then be the best they can be. Marriage is a divine ordinance. The word marriage evokes great joy in some people and trepidation in others. Marriage is not mandatory and if you are not sure of your decision to marry and stay so for life then it’s better not to go into marriage. In a marriage, husband and wife should be present for, bringing out the best in each other and making a beautiful home comprised of children born out of love and deep passion and desire for each other. Anything that comes between the physical bond of marriage can break it. A man should divorce his wife only if she is unfaithful or if he is being abusive towards her. Marriages tend to fail mostly due to unfaithfulness. Couples should learn to forgive no matter how much pain they have been dealt nor how hurtful it is. A relationship that is based on respect for one another, love, trust and above all, the fear and love of God, will always stand the test of time. Effective communication is the key to a healthy relationship since there is no marriage without disagreements. Marriage is a journey of a lifetime, and it does not work in a day. The authors’ writing style is unique and captivating. The author used real life anecdotes and scriptural passages to explain to us the importance of marriage and how to have a long, happy, and healthy marriage. The message in this book is very insightful, it helped me change my perspective on marriage. Personally I have no complaints about this book, it helped me understand marriage better. Overall I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. It’s well-written and professionally edited. I recommend this book to couples who would like to become intentional about being friends and loving each other. Rachel Khalai *****
  6. Ingiete Oyama’s book, My Spouse, my Friend, is an instructional text that discusses the concept of marriage. This book is a marriage guidebook that can serve as a spiritual road map for married and soon-to-be married people. The love, understanding, happiness, compassion, and progress of both partners are all brought together in the extraordinary relationship that is marriage. Despite the happiness that comes with marriage, some unions have struggled, which often results in divorce or separation. This book goes into great length to explain why. The necessity of equality between spouses, the responsibilities of each partner, and the best ways to achieve a balance between two very different personalities who want to get together are all perfectly explained in the book. My Spouse, my Friend is the ideal guide that can help both married couples and those who are about to get married realise their dream of having a happy and fulfilling marriage. This book covers both courtship and marriage in depth. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and I also learned important relationship principles. The author did an outstanding job of addressing the various problems that modern marriages face. I enjoyed how the author offered various approaches for dealing with relationship issues involving sensuality, inequality, finances, and conflicts. The only thing I disliked about the book was the author’s partiality in his opinions. There were some scenarios in the book where the author was a bit biased. The suspected reason for this could be that the author was basing his opinions on stereotypes. The book is the ideal guide to marriage. It was well-written, and the messages in the book were clearly passed across. The book offers several suggestions for overcoming the numerous difficulties that arise in marriage in addition to summarising these difficulties. The book’s information is solidly supported by suitable Bible verses. The book was well-edited because I didn’t see any mistakes while reading it. I will give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The error is not important enough to take away a star. I would recommend My Spouse, my Friend to married couples, teenagers, as well as people in courtship. The book is also suitable for relationship and marriage counselors. Ayorinde Joseph ***** 
  7. “My Spouse, my friend” written by Ingiete Oyama has just made me realise that there’s more to marriage than just saying I do. Many are the times we rush into marriage without taking time and analysing what comes after and perceiving it as a happy ever after. We see it as acquiring status and some of us just get into it because everyone else is doing it. Many of us would view it as a bed of roses until we get to see thorns attached to it. Marriage is not all about love; it also comes with respect for one another and the fear of God. It was a sacred institution created by God meaning He is also part of it. God also assigned different roles to the wife and husband which we should familiarise with to achieve a successful marriage. It is a teamwork between the husband and the wife thus, both parties should commit 100% to it since they are one flesh, and it is no longer about ‘I’ but ‘we’. The book also enlightens us that challenges are an obvious thing in marriage since each of the spouse is created and brought up differently thus opinions are likely to differ. It also explains on how we go about the problems that come their way firstly, by talking to God and secondly, by communicating with each other and expressing their opinions. It also encourages on forgiveness, understanding, godly living , honesty, choosing our friends wisely and embracing change in a positive way to avoid disagreements. I would like to request the writer to also write on relationships of dating couples and how to base their relationships on godly foundations. My Spouse, my friend contains no profanity whatsoever and is professionally edited. Additionally, the editing team did a good job for flawlessly editing the book. The writer also did a good work by actively engaging the reader with rhetorical questions. She was very straightforward by writing the bare truth which I know will make many realise the real face of marriage. I was also impressed that she used The Bible as reference so that we also know what it says about marriage. I rate My Spouse, my friend 4 out of 4. I also rate it 5 out 5. Naomi Musau *****
  8. The book “My Spouse, My Friend” is a very good book. I would recommend it to anyone in a serious relationship. I would also recommend it to anyone who is in a relationship and feeling belittled by their partner. This book gave me new insight into things that I have thought about and helped me find some of the answers I have been looking for. I am giving this book a three out of four and a four out of five since there are a few grammar errors in the book and the fact that I am not a very religious person, and it has a lot of quotes from the Bible and refers to God. There are many things I liked about this book, especially the fact that the author directly quotes the Bible in many instances. I believe that these quotes help with backing up the things that they talk about. While I didn’t really like how much they talked about God and the Bible, I found that it made me realize that the thing I have been missing in my life was God. I used to go to church every Sunday growing up until COVID hit and then we stopped going after that and never went back. I now realize, thanks to this book, that I need to get back into that or at least start reading the Bible again. So all in all, even if you aren’t very religious, I would still highly recommend this book. It helped me discover some things about my relationship with my Fiancé and myself that I have been needing to figure out. Do not let the fact that it talks about God and the Bible throw you off or stop you from reading the entire book. It is well worth it in the end. Lillian Onsager *****
  9. Marriage is a beautiful union that brings together two individuals who are expected to commit to sharing their lives with one another. It is a profound connection that encompasses love, understanding, and support, catering to the growth and happiness of both partners. Despite the expected marital bliss, many marriages have experienced tough times, leading to regrets and divorce. While the book “My Spouse, My Friend” by Ingiete Oyama notes that marriage is not mandatory, the timeless institution of matrimony is explored with great depth and insight. Oyama delves into the intricacies of marriage, elucidating the original design of marriage as planned by God and what many marriages go through for going against God’s intentions. My Spouse, My Friend explains the dangers of rushing into marriage soon after partners meet, all for the euphoria of love without considering compatibility, and how regret sets in when spouses fail to imbibe positivity but rather expect their partners to do everything to make them happy. In this book, readers will be exposed to the importance of sex, what it was meant for as designed by God, and what happens when spouses take it for granted or use it as bait. “Note that wrong choices produce long-lasting problems.” “If a man loves you, he will put a ring on your finger,” the author further advises women. In her book, Oyama recommends that couples refrain from keeping track of all wrongs, stating the downsides of unforgiveness. The book highlights the prerequisites of a successful marriage and reveals the changes a woman must face after marriage, as well as how spouses can foster good relationships with their in-laws. A part of the book also notes that “a marriage that is formed with God as the central figure, not friends and relatives, is the ultimate one.” In My Spouse, My Friend, Ingiete Oyama offers a heartfelt and honest look at the joys and challenges of marriage. Through her words, we are reminded of the beauty of a loving partnership and the importance of cherishing each other through the ups and downs of life. This book is a must-read for newlyweds, couples, those engaged, and those in love who are hoping to get married someday, especially people of the Christian faith. Like a warm embrace, readers will be engrossed in anticipation of the next pages and chapters at every step of the reading journey. Overall, I have no dislikes about this book, the reason being that it has given me a wholesome insight into how I can bond with my spouse, not only with romance and attraction but also by fostering a deep, meaningful friendship that withstands the test of time. I rate My Spouse, My Friend five out of five because, in addition to offering practical guides on how to navigate through marriage, the book was properly edited, and as such, I didn’t notice any grammar or spelling errors. Official Jake *****
  10. My Spouse My Friend is a book by Ingiete Oyama. It is both a marriage management manual as well as a spiritual guide for couples who want to maintain a stable relationship that puts God ahead of everything. It offers a deep-seated guideline of how a happy marriage should be. In its holistic approach to marriage, it emphasises the importance of equality between the spouses based on the biblical roles assigned to each partner by God himself through the bible. Ingiete correctly emphasises that there should not be a master and maid relationship in a marriage that is bountiful of love because true love is neither selfish nor self-seeking. I give her a plus for that. In addition to that, Ingiete has tackled hot-bed topics such as sensuality, submission, finances, and disagreements. These topics have proven to be too untouchable in relationships to the point that couples who have tried to navigate through them have often ended up fighting to otherwise break-up point, or for marriage expedience, have kept them in the closet. But, after reading My Spouse My Friend, I believe couples can be in a better position to talk meaningfully about these. I was particularly intrigued by chapter seven where Ingiete reiterated that sex should never be used as a bait or weapon for manipulation! This, in most cases, has always been the case with most wives who believe that by giving her spouse sex she is doing him a favor that deserves a reward in return. I give Ingiete a rousing ovation for putting this mentality by wives into the dustbin where it belongs. After all has been said about the book, however, I feel Ingiete, as a writer, should rise above the stereotypes that society usually harbours that only men inflict violence on women and never vice versa. She should always acclaim her neutrality and maintain a balanced analysis even though she is a woman. I have no shame in giving Ingiete a 5 out of 5-star rating! I should say I am looking for more of her books now. As for My Spouse My Friend, I already have people in mind whom I am going to recommend reading it. Thank you! Fungayi Satumba*****
  11. In a society where happy marriages seem out of reach, the book “My Spouse, My Friend” communicates the possibilities of a perfect marriage. I commend the author in particular for her intellectual prowess in clearly explaining all the subjects discussed, ranging from the best method for handling marital issues such as preconceived notions of marriage, staying positive in marriage, sensuality, commitment and balance, finances, disagreements, godly living, and embracing change in marriage. This book shows in great detail how crucial it is for partners to understand that they are both wired differently regarding interests, ideas, aspirations, etc., and that during their relationship, issues that seem unimportant and are poorly handled can lead to serious conflicts. Attempting to leave or end the marriage is wrong and should not be an option at all (except for when one’s life is threatened), because marriage is a lifetime commitment. Instead, both parties should work together in love, respect, and harmony and create a strong relationship free from emotion to help them weather the storm and accomplish a shared aim. The author summarized the book by offering unique advice to lovers and would-be spouses on the necessity of entering marriage with the proper mindset, upholding one’s commitments, avoiding being overly reliant on one’s spouse to realize one’s aspirations, being each other’s helpmate, mending fences and bridging any gaps that could arise from disagreements, upholding godly living, and above all, always putting God, the originator of marriage, at the forefront of affairs in their relationship. Notable are the author’s many allusions to God as the Creator of the institution of marriage, whom all engaged couples and newlyweds must acknowledge and place at the center of their relationship to achieve a successful marriage, as well as the citing of pertinent Bible passages to support her writing. Aside the aforementioned, I somewhat disagree with the author’s preference for the benefits of marriage for women, which, in the proper sense, ought to be shared equally between the sexes for marriage success. Despite that, I give this book a 5 out of 5 star rating because it was professionally edited. In all honesty, I wholeheartedly urge all aspiring and married couples to read this book, which I have dubbed “The Reference Manual”, as it not only teaches one about the essential characteristics of marriage but also in-depth reveals factual realities, or, should I say, the nitty-gritty details of marriage that 80% of people in a relationship neglect, thus leading to break-ups and divorce. Ikwo Effiong *****
  12. The concept of marriage as a union between two people is currently experiencing significant challenges. Ingiete Oyama’s book “My Spouse, My Friend” is an educational work that tends to teach about the significance of marriage while also emphasizing its more joyful and loving aspects. The author gave a detailed explanation of marriage, making references to the Bible. The author also explains that marriage was ordained by God Almighty, as seen in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. A lot more biblical quotations were used by the author in explaining the meaning of marriage. The author went ahead to explain God’s reason for creating the concept of marriage and God’s purpose for creating marriage. The author also gave reasons why individuals should change their mindset once they find themselves in the union of marriage. The author also explained that marriage is not intended to strengthen a man’s dominance over his wife or even his power, wealth, or influence; rather, it is meant to exalt and please God. The author also talks about leadership in marriage, thereby explaining the roles of husband and wife in marriage to maintain a peaceful home. In all topics discussed in this book, the author always makes biblical quotations. A lot more important topics, like the power of positivity in marriage, sensuality, commitment in marriage, and the importance of God in marriage, were discussed in this book. Grab a copy of this educational book to find out more tips for a successful and happy marriage. I appreciate how the author employs Bible verses and chapters to support her claims across every topic in this book, making it easier for readers to understand and comprehend. I rate this book five stars out of five because it was written precisely in line with the teachings of Scripture. I found no errors while reading this book. I found nothing to dislike in the book. It was well-written and edited. I recommend this book to both married and single individuals. Also, I recommend this book to couples that are having marital issues. Onwurah Onyinye *****
  13. My Spouse, my friend by Ingiete Oyama is a non-fiction book aimed at helping men and women improve their marriages. The author hopes that this book will restore the fun in marriage, allowing couples to be themselves, laugh freely, and rebuild friendship, love, and understanding. Ingiete emphasizes the inseparable connection between friendship and love. The book covers various topics relating to marriage, including God’s original design for marriage, love, sexuality, submission, finance, disagreement, forgiveness, embracing changes, commitment, and balance. These topics are relevant to engaged couples, encouraging them to focus on what truly matters beyond the wedding day celebration. I appreciate the author’s straightforwardness because her words are simple, concise, and straight to the point. This writing style captivates readers and maintains their interest until the final page. The inclusion of scripture nuggets provides words of encouragement, action, or promises to the readers. Furthermore, the quick notes at the end of the book contain relevant questions that, if taken seriously, can strengthen couples’ relationships. I also admire the author’s frequent references to the Bible, avoiding making the book solely about her relationship. These references serve as additional sources of encouragement. My only concern is that the translation of the Bible used is only revealed in the summary. It would have been more helpful to readers, especially those who wish to look up the scripture if provided from the beginning. Despite being professionally edited, I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. This rating is due to some errors with the scripture, which I believe is a significant aspect of the book. It is important to note that My Spouse, my friend is a Christian book that references God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. Each lesson in the book intertwines with scripture. I highly recommend this book to all single adults considering marriage, engaged couples, and even church administrations seeking material for marriage counselling. Martina Ungwugain *****
  14. My Spouse, my friend by Ingiete Oyama is a beautiful and heart-warming book. Marriages in today’s age are mostly just about bills, getting kids, and growing old. Supporting your spouse with their dreams and aspirations, being your partner’s biggest cheerleader, and giving them emotional support through life’s ups and downs is the best advice I’ve heard in a long while. Even though the book is based on the author’s intimate life story and shares a window into her marriage. The themes of friendship, communication, and mutual support are universal things that people across the world from different cultures can apply to their marriages. The book offers hope and encouragement to anyone having marital problems. Oyama shares her experience of love, laughter, and memories with her husband. Which I think should inspire anyone to appreciate the beauty and magic of their marriage. In life, people get comfortable when they are in long-term relationships or when they are married, People eventually try to change or control their partners. Oyama encourages readers to focus on personal growth and development, so when you work on yourself empowers you to take control of your happiness and well-being. It allows you to be a better friend and lover, this is a powerful point readers should take note of. One more amazing thing about the book is that Oyama wants couples to try new activities together and find common ground to bond over. This can lead to a deeper sense of connection and shared experiences that will strengthen the love and friendship within the marriage. The book is relatively short it does not contain long chapters, making it an easy-to-digest read for busy people who may not have the time. Oyama’s writing is heartfelt and in a non-judgemental tone, which allows the book to be a safe space for us to analyse our challenges in relationships and marriages. The book does not elaborate on issues that may arise in marriages, such as abuse and infidelity. People who have experienced these challenges may need additional support or resources beyond what the book offers. I don’t have anything else to say from a negative standpoint. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I found no grammatical or spelling errors. The editing was excellent. We need more of these kinds of books, especially now that the divorce rates are at their highest. The book also teaches you the foundations of a strong marriage are built on mutual support, trust, and respect. It is a remarkable read with a great flow. The primary audience for the book is married couples that may be aiming to strengthen their marriages. The book can also be useful for couples that are preparing for marriage. People who are in committed relationships, even if they are not married yet. Leberto Beukes*****
  15. What is a godly marriage? What is expected of us when we eventually tie the knot? Is marriage all bed of roses? These are questions we mostly ponder. As Christians, before we toe the knot with the love of our lives or significant other, there are certain things to know and put into consideration. Ingiete Oyama has the answers in her book. My Spouse, my friend by Ingiete Oyama is a Christian book written to guide couples, newlyweds, engaged, and those long in love, on the path of a long-lasting and blissful marriage just as the Lord intended it to be. God intended for the couples to work, live, and grow as a team. These set of individuals are urged to seek His face and let Him show them what His desire is for their marriage. This book is an eye-opener on what the ideal Christian marriage is all about. Knowing fully well that we all aren’t perfect, God has handpicked a special someone to complete us. They also aren’t perfect, but by following the guidance of the Lord, a blissful marriage can be fulfilled. There are so many things I learned from this book for which I am grateful. Although I am not part of those categories, I do believe that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. So many marriages today end up taking the wrong turn because the couples aren’t watchful or understanding. Divorce ends up being the product of this, which is against God’s words and plans. So what do you do? In this book, the author carefully gave chapters having sensitive topics talking about so many aspects of marriage that if not managed carefully can result in separation. The simplicity of this book is also one of a kind and I appreciate it. Ingiete Oyama tells us that before encountering your soulmate or marriage, the greatest relationship you can have, is with yourself. You must learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally. Be authentic and like yourself just the way you are, and never stop working towards being the best possible you. Accept yourself for who you are, only then can you do justice to any relationship you decide to enter. Couples are warned against indulging in making decisions without consulting their spouses. They are to talk to each other about even the smallest thing that concerns their marriage. Indeed, this book is packed with helpful tips. There’s nothing worth hating. All I can do is applaud her writing skills. Finally, I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed my reading and have learned a lot as well. I believe this book well deserves my rating and should be given a read. It’s exceptionally well-edited and educative. I recommend it to couples, those engaged, newlyweds, those dating, and those single who wants to be prepared ahead of time in the journey of marriage. Nicole Adam *****